CanIt Spam Filter Overview

Glenn Kowalski -

In each email message you receive, there is a “voting” link. If a message is spam or a phish/fraud message you can mark it as such to help stop the proliferation of similar messages. 


An email notification is sent to you periodically when there are messages held in your quarantine. Review them and if necessary, take action using the interface in the email. When you “Accept” a message, it will be released from the quarantine and sent to your inbox. Allow a few minutes for it to arrive.


If you’d like change your settings or search your quarantine, go to:

Log in with your email address and password. This would be the same password you use for webmail.


If there are pending messages when you log in, you'll see them right away and can act on them.

Clicking the "Quarantine" at the top lets you perform detailed searches.

Clicking "Rules" lets you add to your "Allow" and "Reject" lists.

Go to Rules, so we can work with the lists.

Under Rules, click "Senders." Here you can add email addresses and determine whether they are rejected or allowed.

Under Rules, click "Domains." Here you can add domains you would like to allow or reject.

These are the basics. You may never need to use any more advanced features but there are many more if needed.



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