Configure Your MacLab Backup

Glenn Kowalski -

Back up from anywhere with an Internet connection! Here’s how to get started.

Once your account has been established:

  • Go to
  • Log in to the Code42 Console with your user name and password.

  • Look to the left and click on "App Downloads" and download the Code42 Crashplan for your operating system by clicking the downward arrow.
  • Locate Crashplan in your downloads folder and open it. If you are on a Mac, a disk image will appear in the sidebar on your desktop. Run the installer from there.
  • Launch Crashplan and select "Existing Account."
  • Enter your user name and password given to you by MacLab. Enter the PROe Server Address: “”
  • Click “Sign In”
  • The backup will begin automatically.

If you’d like to change the backup content, do so in the Settings section. By default we back up “User” data.

You can quit CrashPlan PROe and the backup will continue in the background.

Tips for a successful backup:

This applies to a Mac. The same principle applies to Windows.

Go to System Preferences, then Energy Saver

  • Set Computer Sleep to “Never.” Allowing the display to sleep is fine.
  • Leave your computer running overnight (open and running if a laptop).

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