Email Setup: iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Glenn Kowalski -

The easiest way to set up these devices for your MacLab hosted account with an auto-configuration, which only takes a few moments. This will configure your Mail, Calendar and Address Book using a device profile.

  • On your iPhone, iPad launch the Safari web browser.
  • Go to (Mail 1) or (Mail 2). Ask us which server has your account.
  • Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” and click “Continue”
  • At the prompts enter your full email address as your user name and enter your email password.
  • At the next window you will see a profile, click "Install."
  • Enter the password for your device if you are prompted for it.
  • You may see a message that the authenticity of the profile cannot be verified. This is okay, install anyway.
  • Click "Done."
  • Go to the Mail app and verify your account is present.
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