Retrieving Backup Files from Web

Glenn Kowalski -

Open your web browser and go to

Log in with your user name (usually your email address) and your password.

Click "Devices" to find the computer you'd like to retrieve the file(s) from.

Click the computer listing itself and a window will appear on the right with it's backup destinations.

Click the arrow to restore from the location you'd like (see screenshot).


Next you'll need to choose the date the files(s) existed and check off the files themselves.

Click "Restore." You'll have an opportunity to download the files(s) after a moment.

Note that the web restore is limited. It is not designed to restore an entire user profile or drive. It is designed to restore a folder of files or a single file. If you get the message that you have selected too much to restore, please contact MacLab to see if we can increase your restore limit.

To restore a large amount of data, use the Crashplan software.



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